March 8, 2022


International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women In Tech

To celebrate International Women’s Day, our recently appointed CEO, Rita Liu talks about her experience and journey throughout her career, and how she believes crypto and fintech can help build better opportunities for women across the globe.

Mode | International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women In Tech

It's International Women’s Day - an occasion set out annually to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and one that we value highly at Mode.

As a business, Mode was built on foundations set by the tech and financial industries - two fields traditionally known for having male-dominated environments. In recent years, the entire nature of these industries has evolved to create the next generation of consumer products, and, of course - the environment they exist in.

As a fintech and crypto business, Mode plays an essential role in this new ecosystem, and along with many more in the space we’ve built inclusivity into our DNA. Our community works hard to encourage diversity within our own space and ultimately build better foundations for an equal and fair playing ground across the board, and we’re constantly pushing to learn more on how we can do better.

We like to hold ourselves to our words at Mode, and year-on-year we proudly report a gender split across our team that exceeds the industry average of 29.5% female employees in the UK, with 36% of our current positions being female-led. Just last week, we shared news about the exciting appointment of our new CEO, Rita Liu, who’s been on the executive board with Mode since joining us back in 2020 and has been instrumental in shaping both product and business on our journey forward.

While we’ve seen a remarkable shift within the workplace for women’s opportunities, the FTSE 100 was revealed to host a mere 13.7% female-held executive director positions last year, which is just one of many examples to suggest there’s still a lot of work to be done to #breakthebias, and create equal opportunity for women - both internationally and closer to home.

To celebrate today our CEO, Rita, talks about her own experience as a woman in the tech and finance spaces, and how she believes crypto and fintech can help build better opportunities for women across the globe.

So, Rita, what does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“International Women’s Day means a lot to me - I think driving diversity is incredibly important for our society and industry. Diversity is important in every sense, but also, according to reports diversity also drives productivity within the workplace.’

‘It means a lot to me on a personal level too. Throughout my life and career, I’ve had wonderful women who’ve been my mentor and role model and have given me the opportunities to learn and show my strengths. I think these women along with all women deserve to be recognised and celebrated.’

‘If we can create an environment without bias where everyone is given equal opportunity, I think we will see more productivity and more potential coming from talents of all genders.”

You were appointed CEO at Mode just last week, can you share a little bit about your own experience of challenge and growth within your career?

“I’m really lucky to have always had supportive people around me throughout my career, but there are so many times I’ve been challenged, felt fragile, and thought I couldn’t go on. There are many times I’ve cried, too - it’s not embarrassing for me to admit that, and shouldn’t be for anyone. We’re all human, right?

We can all be fragile at times - I think it’s important to be open about that. We all have challenges, and the more people we have around who support us is key to our success.’

‘I’ve been in situations where I’m the only woman in the meeting room, and that’s not right. In fintech and crypto, we’re seeing more and more female faces in senior positions and areas that used to be more male-oriented. I think this is great in terms of progress in the industry, but there’s definitely still a lot to be done. This progress within crypto and fintech opens up a space for women to become fearless and aim for the roles they might have thought unachievable before.”

So what can we do to drive more diversity within our own space?

“Companies and industry bodies could do more to encourage diversity. We have a high percentage gender split at Mode which I’m super proud of, but going forward as a business we can definitely sustain this and even ramp it up.’

‘It’s important to me that we share our message and make it known that we encourage diversity. We lead by example, and we’re definitely thinking about specific things we can do to ramp this up. It’s important that we are setting an example and offering access to women and people with diverse backgrounds to join Mode and support the growth of their talent.”

The fintech space is fast-growing, and it's continually evolving as it shifts along. For all involved, it’s a pretty exciting time, and as we see increasing numbers of female-powered positions & businesses within the space, the possibilities for women - that just decades ago seemed unimaginable - are growing too.

At Mode, we’re dedicated to building a more inclusive future for everyone, and our commitment doesn’t stop at crypto. We’re set on driving diversity in everything we do, and will continue to learn, grow & deep-root this into our culture.

Without the women who’ve helped shape Mode on its journey so far, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today - so thank you.

Happy International Women’s Day,


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