September 12, 2022

Mode Explained

Invite friends, earn Bitcoin 🤑

We’ve boosted our referral programme. Here’s what you need to know.

animation of a modern phone laying flat with 3D hearts and icons saying ‘£10 in BTC’, referring to Bitcoin, floating out of the phone

By Amy W

Gone are the days of archaic referral programmes. That being said, there’s always room for improvements on the new - and we wanted to make it as easy as possible to share your love for Mode… and get rewarded for it.

Buy, earn & grow together.

This week, we launched our shiny new referral programme that makes it easier than ever to get your friends on board the crypto train, and, you know - stack a couple sats in the process.

Stacking, earning and growing Bitcoin is fun and all, but it's definitely a better ride with a couple of pals along for the journey.

Invite friends, earn Bitcoin.

Refer your friends & each get £10 in BTC when they buy £20 or more worth of BTC.

What’s changed?

Easier for them, better for you. Invite a friend to Mode and you’ll both get £10 in Bitcoin when they buy just £20 worth of Bitcoin in the app.

For now, our referral programme works exclusively on Bitcoin purchases, but we’ll be opening it up to work with all of our in-app features in the future.

Got more friends? Get more Bitcoin, we say.

There’s no cap to how many friends you can invite, but we do have a pretty savage operations team on board who’ll be on guard to make sure no one's getting up to mischief. Kidding - they’re lovely really.

But truly, invite as many friends as you like to Mode and earn when they start stacking. If the future is crypto, we’d be selfish not to share really… wouldn’t we?

What do you think, time to hit the local and catch up with some old acquaintances and chat about your love for crypto? We suddenly got the urge to, anyway. Weird!

We’ve got lots more coming up for our community, so as ever - give us a follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest, and don’t forget to share the love with your friends!

Until next time,

Happy hodling!

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